Can a Lawyer Help You Recover Business Debts?

As a small business, you rely on being paid for the jobs you do in a timely manner. You may not have the cash reserves to stay in business if your customers don't pay you on time or at all.

If you've done work for an individual or business and they are refusing to pay, then you may not be sure what to do next. A small business dispute resolution lawyer may be a good place to start. How can a lawyer help you get the money you're owed?

People Pay More Attention to Lawyers

You may have tried various ways to get your money to no avail. You may have called your customer, talked to them in person and sent them letters, but they still won't play ball.

If you engage a lawyer, then you may find that your customer suddenly wants to negotiate or pay up in full. There is a difference between ignoring your letters and ignoring a letter that comes from a legal expert.

If you're lucky, your lawyer can get your money back pretty quickly. The person that owes you may realise that you're taking things seriously once they know you are taking legal advice. They may not want to take things further and may finally pay up.

Lawyers Know What to Do Next

If your customer still doesn't pay what they owe after your lawyer has contacted them, then your lawyer can help you decide what to do next. You may not be sure whether to take the claim to court, and you may not know which court to use if you do go ahead.

Your lawyer can talk you through your options. For example, smaller debts may go through a small claims court; larger ones go through a general court. Your lawyer can tell you whether you have a good case, and they can explain which court system you should use.

While you don't need a lawyer to represent you in a small claims court, your lawyer can help you put in your claim and represent you if you prefer. If you do need legal representation for a larger claim, then your lawyer can take on the case.

If an unpaid invoice is putting your business under a strain, then book an initial consultation with a lawyer who has experience in dispute resolution. This may be the quickest and most effective way to get the money you are owed.